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lipit tumpuk

Baju muslim blus MNT-4284 dengan hiasan bordir, detail lipit tumpuk dan opnaizel

BAJU MUSLIM BLUS MNT-4284 Baju muslim blus dengan hiasan bordir yang senada dengan warna kainnya. Dilengkapi dengan detail lipit tumpuk di bagian lengan, opnaizel pada bagian dada, serta kancing depan di balik plaket. Kode: MNT-4284 Bahan: Kain katun Ukuran: S, […]

stylist: the interpreters of fashion

Stylist: The Interpreters of Fashion

From the editors of, the hub of runway buzz, comes this savvy look at the individuals who propel the fashion world forward and declare what's hot and what's not. Called upon by designers, editors, photographers, and celebrities, stylists have a sixth sense for what is now and next in the fashion ether.

Featuring sixteen of today's top tastemakers, Stylist focuses on these fashion insiders whose precocious sense for the next big thing often results in trends of global proportions. Organized by stylist and featuring the photography of such luminaries as Cecil Beaton, Richard Avedon, Steven Meisel, and Annie Leibovitz among others, this book documents the work and contributions of each stylist through photographs of their creative output and inspirations, and illustrates their distinctive taste, individual flair, and talent for igniting global fashion fervor. Selected for their originality and, in many cases, enduring fame, each stylist included in this volume has reached the pinnacle of success in their chosen métier.

Author Sarah Mower's interviews with the most influential stylists distill for us through conversation and example the fine art of the fashion pronouncement and what it means to be at the threshold of the cutting edge.

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