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lipit tumpuk

Baju muslim blus MNT-4284 dengan hiasan bordir, detail lipit tumpuk dan opnaizel

BAJU MUSLIM BLUS MNT-4284 Baju muslim blus dengan hiasan bordir yang senada dengan warna kainnya. Dilengkapi dengan detail lipit tumpuk di bagian lengan, opnaizel pada bagian dada, serta kancing depan di balik plaket. Kode: MNT-4284 Bahan: Kain katun Ukuran: S, […]



The House of Lanvin evolved from the creative force and remarkable energy of an extraordinary woman, Jeanne Lanvin. Her design career survived fifty-six successful and productive years. Lanvin is the oldest surviving couture house, in near-continuous existence from 1909 through the present day. Her body of work includes millinery, children's wear, haute couture, fragrances, furs, lingerie, mens wear, and interior design among others. The continuous public appeal and the youthful image of these couture creations are lasting aspects of Madame Lanvin's career.

At the heart of this book are key collections from 1909 through 1946, the year of Lanvin's death. Original fashion illustrations, beading and embroidery swatches play a crucial role in demonstrating her intricate, creative, and innovative techniques. The house of Lanvin is currently experiencing a period of great acclaim, emerging as a darling of the press, Hollywood, and the larger fashion community. With the most modern of efforts, Alber Elbaz, the current design director, is drawing from the rich Lanvin tradition to create an award-winning collection that at once evokes, reveres, and reinvents the intentions of its founder.

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