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Baju muslim blus MNT-8041 kain kaos spandex nataly polos dengan desain modern yang glamor

BAJU MUSLIM BLUS MNT-8041 Baju blus wanita muslim dari bahan kain kaos spandex nataly polos, dengan desain modern yang berkesan glamor. Keindahan baju muslim blus ini dipercantik dengan ikat pinggang. Kode: MNT-8041 Bahan: Kain kaos spandex Ukuran: S, M, L, […]

natural fashion: tribal decoration from africa

Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa

The scene of tribal conflicts and guerrilla incursions, Ethiopia's Omo Valley is also home to fascinating rites and traditions that have survived for thousands of years. The nomadic people who inhabit the valley share a gift for body painting and elaborate adornments borrowed from nature, and Hans Silvester has captured the results in a series of photographs made over the course of numerous trips.

In this stunning collection of photographs, Silvester (Ethiopia: Peoples of the Omo Valley) celebrates the unique art of the Surma and Mursi tribes of the Omo Valley, on the borders of Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan. These nomadic people have no architecture or crafts with which to express their innate artistic sense. Instead, they use their bodies as canvases, painting their skin with pigments made from powdered volcanic rock and adorning themselves with materials obtained from the world around them-such as flowers, leaves, grasses, shells and animal horns.

The adolescents of the tribes are especially adept at this art, and Silvester's superb photographs show many youths who, imbued with an exquisite sense of color and form, have painted their beautiful bodies with colorful dots, stripes and circles, and encased themselves in elaborate arrangements of vegetation and found objects. This art is endlessly inventive, magical and, above all, fun.

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