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kaos spandex

Baju muslim blus MNT-8041 kain kaos spandex nataly polos dengan desain modern yang glamor

BAJU MUSLIM BLUS MNT-8041 Baju blus wanita muslim dari bahan kain kaos spandex nataly polos, dengan desain modern yang berkesan glamor. Keindahan baju muslim blus ini dipercantik dengan ikat pinggang. Kode: MNT-8041 Bahan: Kain kaos spandex Ukuran: S, M, L, […]

tim gunn: a guide to quality, taste and style (tim gunn's guide to style)

Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style (Tim Gunn's Guide to Style)

Plucked straight from Parsons's New School for Design, television network Bravo found a surprising hero in Project Runway style mentor Gunn, whose catch phrase "make it work" has inspired an undeniable following of armchair fashionistas. Though he'll admit that book writing isn't easy, this venture marks another feather in his tasteful cap.

A precursor of sorts to his new series on Bravo, Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, this accessible guidebook covers it all, including the "hunt," "stalk" and "pounce" of "shopping at its most instinctual" (inspired by cheap, forward-looking clothiers H&M), what to ask yourself before taking advantage of a bargain (is it season-appropriate?), the difference between a fashion icon and a mentor (Gunn's the former, Coco Chanel the latter) and full-on closet reconstruction. Gunn's friendly, conversational prose will give readers the feeling of a face-to-face encounter, and Runway fans will be happy to find Gunn hasn't abandoned his colorful metaphors (shopping as "safari") and 50-cent words ("insouciant").

Whether revealing the secrets of "The Under Arsenal" or ruminating on the "tone" and "diction" of a handbag, Gunn's text is clever, a touch waggish, and highly practical for both ensemble mavens and fashion criminals.

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