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kain brokat

Baju Muslim Gamis CLS-9775

BAJU MUSLIM GAMIS CLS-9775 Baju muslimah gamis dari kombinasi kain ceruti dan kain brokat, memiliki detail berupa mini pleats dan aplikasi renda payet impor. Kode: CLS-9775 Bahan: Kombinasi kain ceruti & kain brokat Ukuran: S, M, L, XL, XXL Harga: […]

Baju Muslim Gamis CLS-9794

BAJU MUSLIM GAMIS CLS-9794 Baju muslimah gamis dari kain cerutti polos kombinasi kontras kain brokat, gaya color blocking, serta dengan detail pleats di bagian depan. Kode: CLS-9794 Bahan: Kain cerutti polos kombinasi kontras kain brokat Ukuran: S, M, L, XL […]

the fashion designer's directory of shape and style

The Fashion Designer's Directory of Shape and Style

Both students of fashion design and professionals in the field will find valuable inspiration in this profusely illustrated idea book. More than 1,200 detailed illustrations provide the building blocks for designing imaginative and original clothing. The opening section serves as a photo-illustrated catalog of basic shapes for: Sleeves, Necklines, Hems, Pockets, Ties and Fastenings, Collars, Cuffs, Waistbands, Embellishments (lace, appliquque, etc.)

The book's second and main section combines photos and fashion illustrations to present unique and original design ideas for all of the above-noted clothing parts. Sixteen original designs per page are sketched in a grid format, according to intended use: casual clothing, formal, special occasion, and essential. The drawings are cross-referenced according to suggested fabrics for construction. A gatefold flap inside the book presents an outline human figure to guide designers in mixing and matching garment parts. The book's final section, titled "Taking It Further," shows how to find additional inspiration from outside sources, for instance from architectural details, or the graphic designs of the 1960s Op Art movement, or the dress designs of the 1930s. Readers will also find inventive ideas for using specialty fabrics, including silk, organza, and suede. Color photos and illustrations on every page.

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