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kain brokat

Baju Muslim Gamis CLS-9775

BAJU MUSLIM GAMIS CLS-9775 Baju muslimah gamis dari kombinasi kain ceruti dan kain brokat, memiliki detail berupa mini pleats dan aplikasi renda payet impor. Kode: CLS-9775 Bahan: Kombinasi kain ceruti & kain brokat Ukuran: S, M, L, XL, XXL Harga: […]

Baju Muslim Gamis CLS-9794

BAJU MUSLIM GAMIS CLS-9794 Baju muslimah gamis dari kain cerutti polos kombinasi kontras kain brokat, gaya color blocking, serta dengan detail pleats di bagian depan. Kode: CLS-9794 Bahan: Kain cerutti polos kombinasi kontras kain brokat Ukuran: S, M, L, XL […]

figure drawing for fashion design

Figure Drawing for Fashion Design

Figure Drawing for Fashion Design offers a concise, topic by topic guide to acquiring and perfecting these skills, concentrating on the female form. The coverage provided means that this book is ideal both for those who want to apply themselves professionally to fashion design, and for all enthusiasts of drawing the human body. Fashion plates are the primary means of visualizing ideas and concepts in costume and fashion design.

To give an accurate impression of what is in a designer's mind it is vital to have complete mastery of the rules of figure drawing. Here, realism and anatomical precision are the chief values, whereas for costume and fashion, stylization and exaggeration are ways of adding individuality and verve to a plate, and of focusing attention on specific elements.

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