Baju muslim gamis MNT-3076 dari kain katun dengan hiasan bordir & variasi smok

fashion baju muslim gamis merk manet


Baju gamis dari bahan kain katun (cotton fabrics), yang dipermanis dengan hiasan bordir serta variasi smok di bagian dada.

Produsen: Manet
Ukuran: S, M, L, XL
Harga: Rp 279.900,-

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Baju muslim & baju muslimah terlaris

baju muslim bandung: baju muslim cardigan

Baju Muslim Cardigan CLS-9830A

Baju muslimah cardigan model semi blazer, dibuat dari kain satin twill impor motif boundstooth dan bunga.

baju muslim bandung: baju muslim blus

Baju Muslim Blus CLS-9851

Baju muslimah blus dengan gaya layering, dibuat dari kombinasi kain silky motif floral pasley dan kain silky polos.

baju muslim bandung: baju muslim gamis

Baju Muslim Gamis CLS-9749

Baju muslimah gamis dari kain cerutti impor, dengan desain berupa kombinasi kontras layering, serta dilengkapi dengan aplikasi belt bertabur payet.

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nineteenth century fashion in detail

Nineteenth Century Fashion in Detail

Now in paperback with a new cover, this volume celebrates 19th-century fashion in lavishly illustrated detail. From the delicate embroidery on ballgowns to the vibrant synthetic colors of crinolines, the major themes of 19th-century fashion are explored as never before in this exquisite book. Featuring specially commissioned color photographs of garments from the V&A's superb collection and many close-up details, alongside accurate line drawings of each garment's underlying structure, the book's 150 pieces capture the opulence and variety of this fascinating era.

"A treasure for anyone fascinated by the history of fashion" - In Publishing News.

"Perfect for those who want an authentic take on the latest Victorian trend." - In Style.

Lucy Johnston is curator of 19th-century fashion in the V&A's Department of Furniture, Textiles & Fashion.

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